ryefieldsandbearhugs asked:
loving those blurred pics of the sea! How did you shoot them? ( if you're willing to give away your secrets :) )

I don’t mind at all. I certainly didn’t invent the technique and if I remember I think I was inspired to try those after seeing Morgan Maassen's work.

For me, it involves slow shutter speeds and a little luck. Always good to pick a time of day that has a lot of color reflecting off the ocean. I haven’t dialed in a specific shutter speed as it always varies a bit, but I have found that really slow shutter speeds tend to turn out worse than say, something in the 1/4 range.

The other trick is panning the camera quickly while taking the photograph. So pick your moment, maybe when a set wave is coming in, and pan the camera from left to right as steady as you can while pressing the shutter button. The combination of panning and shutter speeds will blur the scene. Similar to a speed blur but you aren’t tracking a subject.

The best part is waiting to get the film back to see if you captured any magic.

Thanks for the comment and question. Happy shooting!

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